We believe that people crave more connection and purpose in their daily lives. When we tap into creativity, we are able to collaborate on solutions that create more business value and a better world.  We are here to help organizations bring their values to life to create real impact through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our name Gökotta is a Swedish word. When we originally named the company, we thought it meant that magical time of the morning when the first birds chirp. In reality, it is a Swedish holiday that involves spiked coffee, waking up at 3am, cuckoo birds and dancing in the woods. The two together represent us perfectly. We aren't scared to do things a little differently in order to amplify what really matters.

Meet Jenny


While having a technical background and being a trained engineer, her greatest passion is around connecting people and missions to create community.

Jenny received both her bachelor and master's of Architectural Engineering from Penn State University in 2003. In addition to being both a LEED AP BD+C and Homes, she has her Six Sigma Greenbelt and is a GRI Certified Sustainability Reporter.

She lives to travel the world and is known as a vocal advocate of transracial adoption. 


Meet G-Bird


Our mascot is G-Bird and you can find her anywhere Gökotta pops up. Yes, you read that correctly. G-Bird is a girl. Why? We love everyone but  Gökotta is a female-owned business. And let's face it, girls must stick together. We need to intentionally target our younger girls to get them into STEM-related fields, which is the foundation of our company's work. So when it came to creating our brand, it was only fitting that G-Bird joined the girl tribe. 

G-Bird was the artistic creation of a local artist, Monica Rief. We gave here the direction of our name, a cuckoo bird and a sophisticated quirkiness. We hope she brings a smile to your face, like she does for us.