Walk the Talk

What is The Five Project?

It is simple. We chose five youth non-profits and are dedicating five weeks - one to each - to helping them create solutions for an existing challenge. We plan to share our learnings about each of the challenges and the process. Through crowdsourcing ideas, we hope that we can come up with more innovative and effective solutions to challenges that many non-profits face, and introduce a new group of people to some awesome local non-profits. The purpose of this project is to show the power in creating new communities through nontraditional connections. Please contact us if you'd like to help with the project during May and June of this year. 

Who we support.

There is a large list of non-profits that we believe are doing great work. These are a few we are working with and think you should support, too. 

Personal Passion: ACE Mentor Program

In 2003, Jenny began mentoring with the ACE Mentor Program in Los Angeles to help high students discover new career paths in Architecture, Construction and Engineering. When she moved to Charlotte in 2005, and discovered there wasn't yet an ACE affiliate here, she became determined to help start the program locally. In 2007, she helped found the Charlotte affiliate along with the help of Jasmine Hines, Turner Construction and a group of dedicated board members. ACE is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary in Charlotte this year and is proud to mentor more than 150 local high school students each year. To learn more, visit the ACE Mentor website.