I can't pronounce it, but it looks cool. (go-kah-tuh)

We fell in love with the word even though no one could pronounce it. At first we thought it meant something beautiful about going out to be with nature early in the morning. That seemed appropriate for a company that does environmental work. Then we had one of our Swedish friends explain what it really means. It's a Swedish tradition around Ascension Day. You get up at 3am, spike your coffee, go into the woods and listen for the cuckoo bird. Whether or not it sings determines your fortune for the year. This is followed with a picnic in the forest and dancing. If that's not awesome, what is?  

Environment meets Nuttiness. That's who we are. 

We believe that when we tap into our own inner purpose and source of happiness, we are able to collaborate on solutions that create more business value and a better world. Today, people want more connection and purpose. We are here to help you achieve that.

the first year in review

Each day brings a new adventure at Gökotta. We've quickly found our niche and realize our special sauce is being a  connector of people, ideas and organizations in order to tackle major social equity issues in our community. We are outsourced Project Managers who thrive on tackling challenges that require creative thinking. We focus on urban development topics such as: smart city technology, public art procurement, first/last mile access for public transportation and storytelling.


Meet our Gökotta mascot.

You can find her anywhere Gökotta pops up. Yes, you read that correctly. G-Bird is a girl. Why? We love everyone. Every gender, color, size, sexual orientation, religion, collegiate fandom or BBQ style selection. Gökotta is a female owned business. And let's face it, girls must stick together. We need to intentionally target our younger girls to get them into STEM-related fields, which is the foundation of our company's work. So when it came to creating our brand, it was only fitting that G-Bird joined the girl tribe. 

On a serious note, G-Bird was the artistic creation of a local artist, Monica Rief. We gave here the direction of our name, a cuckoo bird and a sophisticated quirkiness. We hope she brings a smile to your face, like she does for us.