We are all about doing good

Be good to the planet.

We develop Environmental Strategy to dream up initiatives that focus on respecting our natural resources with programmatic impact. 

Be good to people.

We work with those who value creativity and want help Being a Little Different. When we value the talents of our team, we create differentiation.

Be good to our community.

Give customers a reason to do business with you.We manage community-focused projects through Partnership Development and Connection to help others walk the walk they talk.

impact consulting services

Environmental Strategy

Green Building & Certifications

Innovative Building Products

Resource Metrics & Performance Measurement

Green Education, Training and Programs

Alternative Transportation Solutions

Smart cities technologies

Sustainability Reports

Management of green building portfolio strategy

Seeking national grants for energy efficiency, community health, water measurement

Corporate Differentiation

Creative direction for video production

Recognition programs

Innovation generator programs

Policies and Benefits

Intern program structure

Team building

Ideation session facilitation

Social media content creation

Community Partnerships

Public Art procurement & management

Company-wide volunteering program

Differentiation strategies

Company philanthropic framework  

Funds distribution

Board participation strategy

Non-profit collaboration

Community and neighborhood driven initiatives

Impact giving